3 Highest Paying Jobs in the Aviation Industry

If you are looking for a career in the aviation industry, here is a little fun fact for you. Most of the people think that the aviation industry is wrapped with a glamourous lifestyle and a hefty pay check. But, it turns out that this is not all true. According to a report on the pilots’ pay scale, it said, “There’s a huge variation in pay depending on whether you’re flying a float plane for a regional commuter company or flying 747s for United. Regional airlines sometimes pay $20 per hour and only when the engine is on.”

To be a part of the aviation industry, flying the jumbo jet is not the only option. In fact, if you are a pro at math, mechanical or engine work or security tasks, there are plenty of jobs available in the aviation industry.

Recently, the flight industry took a hit due to natural disasters, terrorism and the skyrocketing fuel price. But, it looks like it is back on track now. If you are looking forward to be employed in the aviation industry, these are the top 3 airlines jobsthat you must be aiming at.

  1. The Director of Aerospace Program Management

Average Annual Salary: $151,000

It was reported that with respect to pay, theaerospace industry is 2ndafter the petroleum engineering. This is the exact reason as to why the director of an ‘aerospace engineering management team’ can easily earn well around six figures.

The director is likely to have a graduate degree in business (maybe an MBA) in addition to his/her degree in Aerospace Engineering. The directors are primarily involved in developing and growing the firm’s business strategy in addition to negotiating contracts to build aircraft. They are also held accountable for the profit or loss of the company.

  1. Copilot, Airline Pilot or Flight Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $117,000

Earlier, pilots used to attain their pilot training from the military base.However, in recent years they have come up many flight training schools that offer a FAA-certified college degree and training. Such degrees are becoming popular among the new recruits. It is reported that about 34% of commercial pilots make use of their degree and training for dusting crops, monitoring traffic, fighting fires, testing planes and to perform various other non-typical functions.

  1. Aerospace Project Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $82,000

It is crucial for an aerospace project engineer to understand the ins and outs of aerospace engineering. They must have organizational and personal skills to lead an entire team throughout a project. He is most likely involved in managing the project budget, hiring and training staff and monitoring other administrative tasks.

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