6 Major Benefits of Network Marketing

There’s a reason network marketing is exploding in recent years. More and more people are learning the vast benefits of working for yourself and selling a product you love, and with the rise of the social media and online ordering, it’s easier and more convenient than it’s ever been to be successful as a network marketer.

If you still haven’t been convinced, here are six major reasons why network marketing is a great career path.

1. Set your own schedule

No more clocking in at 9 and staying until 5. You are the boss of your time and you decide how often and how hard you want to work on any given day. This is a primary reason network marketing is so attractive to stay-at-home parents and others who need a flexible schedule. For instance, ACN Inc members discuss the many ways their families and lifestyles have benefited from a flexible workday. And these days much of the network marketing business happens online, with Facebook events instead of house parties, and online ordering instead of carting around your inventory, so it’s easier than ever to really make money without leaving the house.

2. Work from anywhere

On the flipside, the online nature of the business also means you can truly work from anywhere. You can continue running your business while you’re on vacation, or if you decide to move, you don’t have to worry about customer locales or office buildings. Your business is portable by design.

2. Low cost of entry

Most network marketing companies have entry fees of less than $1,000. When you compare that to opening a restaurant franchise, for example, you’re looking at upwards of $150,000 to get things started.

3. Residual income

Residual income is money that continues rolling in after the work has been done, and you don’t have to be present to earn it. This could include things like royalties from books, movies, or songs, or business or real estate investments. Most people with normal jobs don’t make money unless they are on the clock, on location, and clients are being billed. Network marketing is designed around residual income.

4. Built-in training

Because much of network marketing income is based on the sales of the people recruited beneath you, there is a natural motivation to train and mentor new recruits. Training materials are readily available; for example, ACN has a YouTube channel where they post trainings, general information about the company, and success stories from their top producers. Many companies hold regular training seminars. You also don’t have to worry about designing a website because your company does most of that work for you.

5. Build friendships and social skills

Friends developed through your network marketing company are different than regular coworkers because you all have common objectives, everyone encourages each other, and there really isn’t much competition. In addition, network marketing requires you to step outside yourself sometimes to be successful. You have to regularly help and encourage new recruits and customers. All of this presents a great opportunity to hone your social skills, which can benefit every aspect of your life.

6. Quickly make money

It doesn’t take very long to make a profit in network marketing, which is definitely not the case for franchises or other types of startups. In addition, there is no cap on how much money you can make, unlike corporate jobs where your income is linked to a “market standard” for someone with your skillset. In network marketing, your income is totally dependent on the effort you put into it.

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