Christmas at ValueMags

Christmas is one of the most cherished times of the year at ValueMags. The marketing agency for magazines and magazine publishers has developed a company environment and moral that is heavily oriented towards family. The tight team of individual’s wishes that the values practiced more frequently at Christmas, such as giving, love, and charity, was practiced from frequently throughout the year by all contributors to communities around the world.

Andrew Degenholtz, the founder and current CEO of ValueMags has two kids that he cherishes daily and tries to teach them good values through his everyday actions. Those actions also include the environment he creates at ValueMags and the relationships he builds with the magazine publishers he works with. This Christmas, he has made it clear to his employees at ValueMags that he intends to carry on the spirit the company’s employees share prior to the holiday all year. The ValueMags President wants that warm environment to attract more publishers, partners, employees, readers, followers, all while promoting charity and good citizenship. He wants to expand it past Christmas as well. Degenholtz wants to promote his initiative to all individuals of all religions, regions, and even non-believers. You do not have to believe to know how to give back and be a good citizen.

ValueMags employees think that Christmas has taken on a new form. Individuals are obliged to give gifts, pay more to please which is a very materialistic lifestyle. The lifestyle ValueMags employees and Degenholtz want to lead is a more inclusive, realistic, and down to earth lifestyle. A lifestyle that will make their everyday obligation more approachable and achievable. Christmas and the holiday surrounding Christmas should promote a healthy lifestyle and remind individuals to be thankful for the little things in life. Hopefully, they can take those lessons and reminders and pass it on through small acts of kindness and positivity towards the individuals around them and in their everyday lives.

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