Domenic Dicato – My Experience With Headhunters

In the world of finance there are a surplus of job openings and an even bigger surplus of head hunters trying to recruit you for different positions they are currently working. They will call you, they will email you, they will leave voicemails and they won’t give up! I have met with a few head hunters over the years and from my experience you should not solely rely on them to help you find a job. Here are the positives, what do you have to lose! The head hunters will always want to meet you in person and this is a time to sharpen your interview skills even if they never call you again or don’t find a job that fits what you are looking for. The more you interview the better off you are and it will just make things easier for when it’s time to sit in front of an employer.

You need to remember these head hunters are dealing with hundreds of people looking for a job so you cannot rely on them or wait for a call back. You need to keep moving and applying to positions on your own and landing interviews yourself. At the same time meet with a few head hunters but they are by no means the end all be all. Their job is to find the perfect person for the job and not to find you a job…. there is a difference. Many people do in fact have great experiences with headhunters and they can be a great help! When it comes to finding a job, I recommend applying to three job postings a day on sites such as indeed and yes, some postings will be by head hunters. Do not get frustrated with the head hunters since so many do call and it can be overwhelming. It will be hard to meet with all of them so try and meet with as many as you can in a week, if you’re unemployed hey meet with three in a week! If you currently have a job, it’s hard to keep taking days off to meet with headhunters and I would cut it down to meeting with one headhunter every two weeks.

Again, you can land interviews on your own and it can get frustrating meeting with four head hunters in a week and some never even call you back. Your time is valuable and while they submit your resume to maybe one employer, you yourself can apply to twenty jobs on your own! In the past I met with five head hunters. Out of that five two keep contact while the others soon drifted off never to be heard from again. Out of the two that keep contact I heard from them maybe once every three weeks! Therefore you cannot sit around waiting for a headhunter to save the day! On my own I applied to three jobs a day every day and was landing many interviews and eventually landed the perfect job for me.

If you have a job and a LinkedIn in profile you will always receive emails from head hunters which isn’t a bad thing, it reminds you that there are employers out there seeking someone will your skill set.  We must leave all doors open when it comes to landing the perfect job and a headhunter may be able to connect you with that employer, but always never leave your job search solely in the hands of someone else!

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