Four Amazing Sari Variations To Glam Your Party Look

A sari defines a woman. This traditional Indian apparel has now gained worldwide popularly. Even in some occasions, you can see foreigners flaunting colorful bright silk cotton or Kanjivaram just to add that color quotient to the entire occasion. It is amazing how simple threads, when added together in multiple ways, can create the most outstanding result of all time. Online stores are flooded with such amazing masterpieces. So, without wasting time further, let’s just dive into the four most popular variations.

  1. For that wedding feel:

Do you need to deck up for your sister’s wedding? If so, then Kanjivaram is the perfect sari to wear. The work of golden shiny threads will add that wedding vibe and will help you address everyone with style. The perfect combination of beige base with maroon sides is what you have been looking for so long. Kraftly is able to provide the item at discounted rates.

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  1. Draping all over your body:

Sometimes, a sari can be the sexiest outfit for women; even hotter than a LBD. Want to know how? If so, then click here for online shopping sarees made out of chiffon as the major fabric material. The chiffon material is such that it will help the sari to drape well around your body, highlighting the curves in a steamy manner!

  1. Perfect mix of cotton and silk:

A mix of cotton and silk is equivalent to glam yet in a sober manner. The sari has a perfect subtle effect of cotton; but not entirely, thanks to silk for that. This perfect combination of silk and cotton has been a great choice and an absolute favorite for women for ages now. So, the next time when you are planning to buy sarees online, click here to learn about this variation well.

  1. Silk mingled with Khadi:

Silk mixed with Khadi and madhubani print is a complete bomb! And that’s what you will get if you click right.  Khadiis always known for its simple and sober collection. But, adding silk to it is like doubling the glam quotient. Furthermore, the madhubani print is like icing on cake!

Don’t be fooled with these four options, mentioned above. Even though these four options are quite famous among the masses, but these are not the only one available. There are other cotton mix materials, used for manufacturing some of the greatest masterpieces of all time.


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