Get Your Hands on A BMW for A Fraction of the Cost

The thought of leaving a car dealership in a brand new set of wheels, that fresh car smell and people looking in envy is something rarely unrivalled if you like your cars. All of us now need to get around quickly and easily by car, day to day, and there is nothing worse than relying on an old car to start every day only to be let down.

BMW has been hanging around the top in the list of luxury cars for quite some time and it’s easy to see why if you have driven or just travelled in one. Every aspect of the cars has been cleverly thought through to provide you with the best experience and value for money. Whether it’s your first car or simply just looking for change there are plenty of options to go for. One of our favourite, and quite clearly one of the nations, as these cars are popping up left, right and centre is the 1 series.

A very popular choice with young drivers being the most affordable with some of the best BMW leasing deals now appearing, it is also seen widely through all age groups.

Here are 7 reasons to buy or lease the BMW 1 series

  • Quiet engines

A petrol engine in a 1 Series will see you enjoy one of the quietest engines in this class. The diesels aren’t quite as smooth, but both offer enough power to get you swiftly where you need to be.

  • Decent safety

The 1 Series has six airbags and tyre pressure monitoring as standard, run-flat tyres are fitted to many. There’s no autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control or collision detection, but the 1 Series scored highly in NCAP crash tests.

  • Inspiring handling

Keen drivers will appreciate the rear-wheel drive on the 1 Series, being the only car in its class to send its power to the back wheels.

  • Comfortable ride

Opt for smaller alloy wheels and standard suspension rather than a set of flashy 18in M Sport alloys and M Sport suspension, and the ride is calm and comfortable.

  • Running costs

Much of the 1 Series range returned around 50mpg at the hands of the testers alongside the fact that CO2 emission levels are low for its class and this is on most of the engines in the range. This makes it a cheap car to run for anyone, and a cheap company car for those eligible for this.

  • Interior quality

As with many cars, there are certain parts of the interior which could feel more high quality, but the overall feel of the car is of a far higher standard than many of its rivals.

  • Class-leading infotainment

The infotainment on the 1 Series is in a league of its own. A 6.5in colour touchscreen is standard across all of the ranges, and is fitted high up on top of the centre console. It’s easy to use and to figure out, and is versatile as well as user-friendly.

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