Online Reputation Expertise Need for Public Schools: Bathroom Controversy  

Online reputation expertise are needed for public schools in the United States. Some states are debating whether or not transgender and LGBT community members are allows to use the bathrooms they desire. However, the restroom discussion has been going on for a long time. Unfortunately for school and public establishments that do not comply with LGBT requests, they and supportive communities protest their decisions. The transgender community is facing discrimination by being forced to use restrooms and private facilities that are not consistent with their gender identity. Due to the fact that their decisions violate human rights, their decisions and law has been internationally exposed. The unfortunate part is that these school are being denied a reputation they may have earned. Individuals perceive certain public school as providing a poor education when they simply need to comply with a passed bill. Therefore, online reputation expertise are needed to fix certain American public school’s reputation.

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Far too often do individuals, professionals, and businesses get ridiculed online for a misinterpretation. As Google is the most used search engine and is in nearly every North American household, it does not make it easy for American public schools to increasing their attendance and student admission rates. It is up to people to do their research and understand who the source of the situation is and act ethically and within reason. The government and states are to be blamed for their ignorance towards LGBT human rights. The LGBT community is no different than everyone else and it is unfortunate that the American government cannot recognize that. Nonetheless, ruining someone or an institution’s online reputation is considered a crime. Digital extortion is equally a crime. LGBT and supporting members should fight back just fight the ethical way. For more information about how you can improve your online reputation or to make a statement in the media, visit Online Reputation Expert using the link provided above.

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