Repairing an Online Reputation Can’t Repair Actions  


Repairing an online reputation is possible but going back on your actions is not. Unfortunately in the era of Big Brother and viral content, individuals have to be more conscious of their actions more than ever. Actions do speak louder than words. Ryan Lotche learnt his lesson at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Trying to cover up a drunken action, him and his swim mates lied to authorities and media. That decisions lacked though and ethics. Among the courses of action the athletes could have taken, they could have chosen to been honest and suffered smaller consequences and potentially none. Honesty is absolutely the best policy when it comes to being in the spotlight. The details of actions often surface increasing embarrassment, credibility, and decreasing  the authenticity of one’s reputation.

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Therefore, repairing an online reputation after international actions such as that one is hard. In the same way, Samsung cannot repair their online reputation after their Note 7 recall. At these levels of reputation breach, the only form of repairing that may positively impact their reputations is a public relations press release. Addressing the public honestly is the best form of online reputation repair possible. At the same time, Lotche and his teammates couldn’t but Samsung could, offering a form of compensation is ideal. Fortunately for Samsung, Lotche, Wells Fargo, and many other scandal antagonists, people and the media move on quickly. Most people are quick to move onto the next scandal. Opposite, search engines remember. Everything that does online is remembered. For that reason, after a scandal, a physical reputation can live long and prosper but an online reputation could be ruined permanently.

Online Reputation Repair (see link above) suggests that all individuals consider that their actions can have an impact on their reputations long-term. The Internet can be a wonderful bookmarking and place for discovery while it can be an archive of haunted memories. Act wisely.

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