Rolex is where it begins

Rolex has its humble beginnings in London in 1905, where it was established by Hans Wilsdorf at the age of 24. Hans had imagined a watch to be worn on the wrist of which was in fact able to tell the exact time – something which really did not happen with the regular wrist watch available on the market during that time. Taking advantage of Swiss mechanisms, Hans set out to win over the public. His determination confirmed his worth and by the year 1910, Hans had created the very first watch to be approved by the Swiss Certification of Chronometric Precision and Accuracy from the Official Watch Ranking Centre in Bienne, Switzerland. The Rolex Watch was on its way onwards and upwards. This award was received in 1914 with the Kew Observatory award, an honor for class “A” precision certification. This honor had actually formerly been awarded for aquatic chronometers, so from this point onward Rolex was fundamentally linked with precision and accuracy!

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In the year 1919 – Rolex relocated to Geneva in Switzerland, this was thought about to be the natural progression of residence for exceptional time keeping and maintained pushing the limits of scientific research with the initial water resistant watch in 1926. Called the ‘Oyster’, the watch is hermetically sealed to shield against not only water but dust and dirt as well. Never shy of showing off, the Rolex Oyster declared its water resistant ‘ stripes’ when it was worn by swimmer Mercedes Gleitz, who swam the English Channel in 1927. The Oyster was obviously completely flawlessly and completely dry at the end of her epic swim!

In the 1930’s we saw Rolex go from strength to strength with the innovation and creation of the world’s initial self-winding system and encountered numerous sporting challenges with nothing but success at the end of every finish line. Sir Malcom Campbell wore his Rolex as he continuously broke the world land speed record.

Constantly maintaining the customer in mind, 1945 saw the introduction of the Date, which enabled the date to be displayed in a little window on the dial of watch. However, It took several years for this to be available on the womens watches.

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