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Saving for Your Summer Holiday This Year

Dreaming of a getaway this summer, but don’t have the cash? It can be really depressing when you see all your friends jetting off on their holidays, but you can’t afford to go. Don’t despair – you can still save money and find a getaway, even if it’s just a mini-break, to give you a much needed rest. Here’s a few ideas:

1 Set your sights a little lower

You may want to jet off to Australia for a three-week long luxurious break, but realistically, this will cost you 1000s! So, set your sights a little lower. Think about going somewhere closer to home. You don’t even need to get on a plane. Try packing your car up and going camping. Even going a few towns down, or to your nearest city, can give you the rest you need away from your normal routine.

2 Look for last minute deals online

There are loads of last minute deals online and if you search comprehensively, you may find something for a great price.

3 Set up a special bank account

It can be easy to spend money from your main account so try and separate your money out and get a special savings account for your holiday fund.

4 Little and often

It might not feel like it will get you very far, but a small amount of money can really add up over time. You still have a few months left until summer, so start saving now. Think about what you can afford, make cutbacks where required and sacrifice some short term luxuries for your holiday pot. Look at these 100 great little tips for saving money as a start. You might consider recycling old clothing rather than buying new, drinking more water instead of buying fizzy drinks, or quitting smoking to save a lot of money straight away.

5 Borrow money

Borrowing money is always something you should consider carefully – especially if you are already in some debt or could find it difficult to pay it back. However, it can also be a great benefit,, especially if you need to de-stress on a holiday because your work or personal life is overwhelming or hard work! You could borrow from friends and family, or you could look for loans online. Wonga ZA, a payday loan provider, say that there are four pillars to managing your money – Debt, Saving, Budgeting and Investing. And when it comes to saving, Wonga say that you should integrate it into your everyday life. Don’t just save for your holiday this summer – think of saving permanently and in the long-term so that you won’t be hard-off in the future.

6 Have a stay-cation

Many people find benefits in staying at home when they book time off work. Arranging day trips can be great as it allows you to discover the great area in which you live for a lot less money, because you aren’t paying for hotel fees. Think of local farms, amusement parks, beaches, forest walks and so on.

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