Sending money to Indonesia: 7 things you must keep in mind while remitting

There is the particular thing for which people from Indonesia are always advised to keep in mind while sending money from anywhere in the world to Indonesia or any other country of the world. It will lead to decrease the cost of sending money and increase the value of your along.

Here are some seven things never forget while sending money to Indonesia

Check with the exchange rate

This is the first and the most important consideration to keep in mind while sending money to Indonesia. This will help to increase the value of the money against the foreign currency; It is good to be flexible with the time to send money your country. Always keep on searching with the market to find out the currency value to ensure the exchange of currency at the time when the rate of your currency is higher against this currency.

Compare fees and exchange charges

Before using the remittance services of any service provider, it is always advised to  cross check with the different service providers available in the market. Doing this, you can ensure that the money you are paying for getting the remittance service is reasonable or cheaper in comparison with other service providers available in the market. Using the service of the one payment services provider, without cross verifying with the other service providers in the market, may cause to bear bigger service charges without any reason.

Send more money with less frequency

This is again a significant point to consider if you remit money regularly. There are certain charges in the fee of money transfer which is static, and these fees do not fluctuate with changing the amount of money sent. People are always advised to transact with the big price and less number of transactions. It will minimize the cost of sending money.

Use the services of international player

Whenever you are sending money, always put the safety and security of your money at front and cost and back. Always use the remittance services of the service provider with global existence. This is helpful when you need to collect the money in your home country. The service of the reputed service providers guarantee you the world-class services with best possible minimum charges. Global players give a good amount of discount.

Use the FX dealer services

This is especially for the corporate entities. If you are the owner or representative of the large corporate organization than you should use the professional consultancy services of the FX dealer. This will give you excellent professional consultancy about how to transact safely with a minimum transaction fee.


This is again an essential tip to use while sending money from other countries to Indonesia. Sending money with the traditional method was a big headache in which people need to stand in the queue to send their money, but with the modern technology just like electronic fund transfer services, wire money services, it has become more convenient to send money from one country another country. There are many global players in remittance industry who are providing excellent remittance service all around the work. Some of the players in Remittance industry are Western Union Money Transfer, Instarem and much more.

Customer Service

When there are numbers of players available in the market who are providing the same kind of services at the similar or same prices, the thing which matters a lot for the customer is the nature of customer service provided by the company. In sending money, there may be a chance of miss management of money remittance, only the company which provide good customer support services will win the market.

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