The most effective method to Add Power to The Laws of Magic

Understanding the Laws of Magic is just a start. Presently it’s a great opportunity to start to apply them in your life. By including Correspondences, Affirmations and Magical Gestures to your innovative work, you will amp up the power and bring the Laws of the Universe all the more immovably into arrangement with what you are making.

The Four Magical Laws are:

The Law of Willpower

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Astral Light

The Law of Imagination

The four Correspondences for these laws are:

The Law of Willpower-fire

The Law of Correspondence-water.

The law of Astral Light-air.

The Law of Imagination-earth

The four Affirmations for these laws are:

The Law of Willpower’s certification is, I Will.

The Law of Correspondence’s certification is, I Choose.

The Law of Astral Light’s certification is, I Create.

The Law of Imagination’s certification is, I See.

Here are the signals/signs created to be utilized when working with the supernatural laws

The Law of Willpower-The Sign of the Willing. As you express the assertion, I Will, Touch your Third Eye with the initial two fingers of your correct hand. This motion symbolizes your mental expectation.

The Law of Correspondence-the Sign of Choosing. Typically motion your picking of particular strengths and attributions in your enchantment work by extending the correct arm straight before you. Point into the future with your pointer and express the attestation, I Choose.

The Law of Astral Light-The Sign of Creating. Make a power ball by measuring your hands before your Solar Plexus, right hand over the left hand. While making this motion express the assertion, I Create.

The Law of Imagination-The Sign of Seeing. With both hands, shape a triangle from your thumbs and fingers, your fingers indicating upward. Hold the triangle over your Third Eye with your palms confronting outward. As you make the confirmation of, I See, move your arms outward and somewhat up over your head just as you were throwing what you see out into the Universe.

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