Ways to ensure that you receive positive reviews

In the digital age, it is easier than ever to find out information about a brand and do research into whether they are a trustworthy business and whether the product is worth the price. That is why people love to read reviews as it’s a way to see if a product is good without paying anything and would avoid the risk if the service does turn out to be substandard. Getting good reviews for your business is key to getting new customers and should be a focus with every order you do. How do you ensure that your reviews are the best they can be? That is the question we are going try to answer in this blog post by suggesting a few ideas you could implement to your order process.

Ensure everything is easy

Nobody wants to struggle with anything. That is why you want to make everything easy. The website should be simple to use with a simple payment process and user interface. Updates to their order should be quick to get to the point and clear when they are needed to do something. If they have a stress free time they will be happy and leave a better review.

Keep communication fast and helpful

If a customer asks a question to you about your product or service don’t hesitate while answering. Reply as soon as possible as then they will be happy with your attentiveness and service. If you can’t answer immediately tell them that you will get back to them. If you don’t respond for a long time they won’t know what is going on or if their message has even been seen. Emailing them that you are working on it shows that something is happening and puts them at ease a little.

Bend to their needs

Sometimes customers don’t want exactly what you provide. They may want a slightly different price or the product to be slightly different or something changed with the delivery. If they make these requests and you can do them, let them know that you are going to make an exception for them and do it. Even if it ends up costing them a little more, they will feel appreciated and happy with your service as you are making a special exception for them, showing their willing to do extra work to make the end result better for them.

Help when things go wrong

Although we don’t like it when it happens, things do go wrong with orders where deliveries are incorrect, products are damaged or are ordered by accident. Whenever something goes wrong because of you, customers appreciate it when you hold your hands up and admit your mistake. They often won’t mind as long as you fix the error. They will appreciate you even more when something goes wrong due to a mistake made by them and you still sort the issue. Things that will influence how high the score they give is.

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Free gifts

Getting something for free is always appreciated and if you give an item to them without costs whether as a surprise with their order, apology for an order going wrong or as a reward for their patronage. They will be very happy as increases their value for money. You could use your produce as the free item or you could distribute some branded items like promotional mugs as then they will get the item they paid for as well as a free useful item and will be happier than they would otherwise.

Pay attention to reviews you have already collected

If you want to get the best reviews you can, look at your old reviews and see what people have complained about in the past. If people have brought up valid complaints in the past it is likely for people to complain about the same thing again. This is why you should take action and improve your service from negative reviews as it is sure to come round again with future clients.

Reach out to negative reviewers

All the other tips are what you can do to prevent someone leaving a bad review but it isn’t all over if some still does leave a bad review. You have their contact details so you can always contact them asking what you can do to improve the review. There may be something wrong with the product or the service that can be mended to improve the review score they give.

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