What is the difference between a loan and advance?

Are you looking for money or fund by which you can fulfil your dreams? Here we will tell you about the loan and advance which normally we take from bank or someone to complete our necessary requirements. Everybody needs extra fund at the time of finance crisis in their life. There are some considerations while taking loan or advance to fulfil your finance needs.

A loan is defined as money which is generally borrowed by second party and the first party lender which is normally a bank or corporative institute give money to a person which is has to be returned back after a assured time period. The lender takes certain rate of interest on the money is given to borrower on the money lent. The lender takes interest money which is fixed by borrower as monthly. At the time of full payment time of loan, borrower returns complete payment with interest to lender. The loan terms and conditions are mentioned in a govt attested papers.

Loans are obtained for a specific reason like purchasing vehicle, buying house, pay education fees and personal loan. The credibility is tested by the lender as Bank or corporate institutes before giving loan to that person.

Advance is a facility of credit which is generally lent by bank, friend, corporate institute, relatives and employer etc. Advance is normally fixed for a small time of period which is taken back by bank or the person who has lent money to borrower. Advance is generally taken mostly by the employer on the base of his salary for example if an employee is taken $1500 monthly salary, then he can claim an advance of $500 at the time of his or her financial crisis. Then employer has to pay only $1000 salary as the advance is deducted by the employer at the time of salary day.

Advance and loans are commonly taken by the person to fulfil their financial needs. One fact is same in advance and loan as both are given back to the bank at the certain time of period.

The difference is loan and advance very common as loan is a debt which is given only by bank or financial institutes and advance is a credit facility which is lent by anyone who has extra money without any lengthy formalities. An assets are required when anyone take loan by bank which is not necessary in advance.

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