Crowdfunding for Archaeologists

Archaeological discoveries are what teach us about our ancient past, out histories, and how our cultures and traditions were formed. In fact, India is an archaeological treasure, the Indus Valley and Harappan Civilization being the greatest example. Even today, our country is home to thousands of archaeological sites that are considered gems in our history. It is through these ancient discoveries that we have pioneered in every realm of life – be it agriculture, engineering, architecture, or even technology.

That said, one of the biggest struggles that archaeologists have today, is that of grappling with the expenses of carrying out excavations. Online fundraising could be a very practical solution for this problem, and hence we at Impact Guru are here to encourage a fundraising india for financial sustainability in the field of archaeology.

There are so many large expenses that make it very difficult to conduct archaeological work efficiently. So here are a few reasons why archaeologist needs to explore the world of online fundraising, to explore the world:

Find supporters/ enthusiasts of archaeology

Through a fundraising india, you may find a community of like-minded people who share the same passion for archaeology as you, and they could potentially be your donors for future projects.

Training purposes

You may get funded for training of young archaeologists to accompany your team for your next discovery.

Travel expenditure

Surely travelling to different corners of India or the world can be an expensive feat – raise money through online fundraising campaigns to cover your travel expenses.

R&D and archaeological equipment

Resources and tools required for excavations can be funded for, through a simple crowdfunding campaign.

Museum related expenses

Crowdfund for building/ maintenance/ operational expenses of museums that house important findings.

Educational purposes

Raise money for educational programs or even workshops, to get more people interested in this subject, and consequently become contributing members for your future projects.

There are surely several other factors involved, that would require significant amount of financial support, and there’s nothing that you can’t raise money for. Envisioning the future of a fundraising india will enable us to get a deeper glimpse into our past. The fact that crowdfunding is the quickest and easiest way to raise money for a cause/ project today, makes it extremely beneficial to every field, including archaeology. So to all the archaeology enthusiasts out there, who could use a momentary push for a project/ excavation, know that financial help is one campaign away at Impact Guru.

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