What Is Writing And Translating? And Their Differences And Similarities;

Writing means to express your thoughts and knowledge on a paper to convey others. On the other hand, translation is used to make that written context in a way that becomes understandable for others. If you have written something in English and your reading audience is from Laos, then you must need Laos translation (รับ แปล ภาษา ลาว which is the term in Thai) to make them understand your reading material. Translation is the best part of writing because if you want a large audience of your writing all around the world, you need a good translator to convert your material from one language to another.

Difference Between Writing And Translating:

There are very few differences in writing and translating mentioned below;

  • writing is an independent collection of thoughts of an author, while translation totally depends on the written material. Translation is a copy of originally written material to make the material understandable in another language.
  • When a writer works on some written work, he expresses his own experience while on the other hand, a translator change or language or copies the material, so you can say that it is the indirect experience for a translator.
  • Translation changes the information a little bit of the original written material. So it becomes a little difficult for the reader to experience the expression of the writer.

Besides all these differences, translation is very necessary to convey your thoughts worldwide.

Similarities Between Writing And Translating:

writing and translating both are not that easy, both of the work requires a lot of hardwork, reading, research, and practice.

As time goes by, many authors use their own way to translate the original material by practicing to be proficient in this translating skills. They improve their talent for writing by practicing and hard work, and the same goes for translation.

If you have written something in English and you need that material in Myanmar translation (รับ แปล ภาษา พม่า which is the term in Thai) you need to hire a translator or be proficient to translate your written material in any language.

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